The Second Syndicate Meeting of Britannia University

The second syndicate meeting of Britannia University was held on Wednesday, January 6, 2016 in the Conference room and was presided over by the Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Md. Abdus Sattar. Among others present at the meeting were BOT members Mr. Saiful Ahmed Chowdhury (Vice Chairman, Trustee Board), Mr Md Siddiqur Rahman (Treasurer, Trustee Board), Mr. Shahid Aziz, Barrister, M. Shabbir Ahmed Yousuf, Mr. Makhan Chandra Baral (Registrar, Britannia University), Dr. Surojit Sarbabidy (Dean and Chairman School of Business), Prof. Md. Matiur Rahman (Dean School of Arts, Social Science and Law), Mr. Milan Hossain (Chairman, Department of Law), Mr. Arif Mahmud (Chairman, Department of CSE). Many important decisions were made in the meeting such as budget approval for 2015-2016 fiscal year, several post creates, library development, etc. The members give their valuable advices for develop the university.